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The African American Repertory Theatre of Virginia engages, inspires and challenges our audience through a broad range of theatrical presentations that promote, nurture, reflect, and celebrate the vast spectrum of life that is the African American experience. Through performance, education, community engagement and collective development we seek to establish and maintain a permanent theatrical institution based in Richmond, Virginia that is committed to providing a full season of illuminating theatrical programming.


To empower members and  youth of Richmond Virginia’s community to seek career and educational opportunities in the theatre arts by developing artists and audience members who appreciate and patronize theatre within these communities.

To establish a permanent professional African-American theatre dedicated to growing in, with, and through the community while offering specific programming dedicated to a positive community impact which will engage communities in the city of Richmond, throughout the state of Virginia, and beyond.

To create a cohesive acting ensemble that is committed to the long term building process of an artistic institution with local and national visibility within the African-American community and beyond.


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